Doing Too Much May Be Hurting You

MultitaskingAnswering emails or getting some exercise on the bike are great things to do but is it wise to take on both? Multitasking is great, right? You get to work on a bunch of different things all at once but when can it turn bad? Usually when you take on too much and then the quality of your work, whatever it may be, begins to suffer. Today’s article explains how publishing to much may be hurting your business. Here’s what they had to say about sticking with one thing until your truly master it, “…we’ve discovered something interesting. In almost all cases, these successful content marketing-driven companies put all their energy into one channel. It was just a blog, just a series of videos, or just a podcast. Then, after many months and years of success, they began to diversify the content offerings. There’s something about building a loyal audience on one channel before giving them additional options.” CLICK HERE.